Terms and Conditions

  • Please read all The Rules before making a booking
  • NO REFUNDS! Make sure to read all our rules before making a booking.
  • Cancellations can be made up to 72hrs before 10am on the day of your booking. So if you have a booking for Thursday, you must cancel BEFORE Monday 10am. No refunds.
    Please email to cancel your booking (contactlegendslake@gmail.com) or call 07307355917. You will receive an email within 24h to confirm your cancellation and the option to reschedule (within 6 months).
    Bookings cancelled with less than 72hrs notice will not be accepted and won’t be rescheduled.
  • Fishing starts at 10am until 9am the next day.
    You have 30min before and after this time to set up/pack up.
    So new arrivals are allowed through the gates at 9.30am and people leaving on the morning need to be out the gate by 9.30am.
    The car park is not big enough for 2 sets of cars so please don’t arrive early/leave late.
  • Please be aware that gates are locked at night.
    Gates locked between 8pm-7am (April-September) and locked between dusk – 8am (October-March). If arriving after dusk during these months, please contact us beforehand to inform us of your arrival time.
  • The booking system is usually used for hotels etc, so uses the word guests (instead of people). When booking a double peg for only yourself (so a single angler) please select the option “1 guest”. If you are fishing with someone else, please select “2 guests”.
    When it asks you for the “guests name”, please just fill in your name.
  • Over 16’s only.
    Unless they are on a double peg, under constant supervision by an adult (in this case both the adult and the ‘under 16’ will be charged, so make sure to book the peg for 2 people).
  • Just a reminder that this is a specimen lake, please read the required equipment list (see our Rules section).
  • We do not allow visitors or guests on site. This rule will be strictly enforced and you will risk being removed from site if hosting visitors, for any amount of time.
  • Anglers are permitted one non fishing 6-11yr old at no cost, but they must state this IN EMAIL at least 24 hours before arrival, for insurance purposes. The Angler is fully responsible for the wellbeing and safety of the non-fishing child whilst on site. Please remember your vehicles are locked in on a night, so have a friend or family member on standby to pick up a child under problematic unforeseen circumstances from the main road entrance.
  • Please be aware when booking pegs for other people/allowing people on your peg. As the person who has made the booking you will be held responsible for anyone fishing with you or on the pegs you’ve booked.
  • Bookings are subject to approval by the Fishery Management and payment must have been received in full. Please contact us if you haven’t received a confirmation email within an hour after booking.
  • Covid-19: If in case of further restrictions/lockdown the lake is required to close, all bookings for this period will automatically be cancelled and you’ll be given the opportunity to reschedule to a later date (within 6 months).
  • Winter: If the lake is frozen, all bookings for this day will automatically be cancelled and you’ll be given the opportunity to reschedule to a later date (within 6 months).