About us

Surrounded by fields, woods or water on all sides, Legends Lake is a picturesque specimen hunter’s paradise. A haven for wildlife, anglers and specimen carp alike, Legends Lake is a peaceful venue of the highest quality that is accessible to all. The ultimate fishing experience.

Legends is a brand new purpose built premium specimen carp lake in the North East of England. It is currently 3.5 acres in size and boasts 11 spacious pegs, ideally suited for catching specimen carp and catfish. The lake varies in depth, the deepest point being 14ft. There is no shortage of features to fish to; every peg offers different opportunities begging to be explored. There are literally hundreds of features to try; including islands, open water, reedy margins, lily pads, deep holes or sunken pinnacles, Legends has it all and more.

Our Aim and Promise to you.

We aim to provide you with the absolute best specimen fishing experience available in stunning surroundings with a great stocking regime of huge specimen fish. We promise to reinvest heavily in large specimen carp that you will be thrilled to catch, the 30’s are coming! The Legend starts here.


Legends Lake neighbours The Carrs Angling Lakes, it shares the same access from the main road. However the similarities mostly end there. Legends Lake is specifically designed for specimen carp and those who are planning to catch them. If you are reading this then let me tell you a little of the short history behind this lake…

  Planned for 10 years, Legends Lake finally began construction in the suitably dry summer of 2018, perfect digging conditions in this incredibly wet carr land. Heavy plant equipment quickly turned wet boggy land into a large expensive hole within 3 weeks, filled with exposed features. Within 6 months, the lake was filled naturally with rain and some additional borehole water. It was now summer 2019, and secondary works began in earnest. The lake was extended slightly to improve various features and a road and car park added as well as pegs scoped out. Utilities were dug in and large scale planting of water plants and trees was undertaken. A 460m electric otter fence was also started. Weather began to turn from July onwards and works quickly came to a halt during one of the longest wet spells on record. But the lake needed the time to mature and so came to a close 2019.

2020, an interesting old year to say the least! A global pandemic and non-compliant weather pushed the opening date back and back. However, with constant determination and a lot of effort, this is still the year of opening. The otter fence was completed in March and the lake banks and surrounding areas sculpted and seeded in April. The positives from the delays have been an extra half season of growth on the fish, the early addition of catfish (and extra C5 carp) and the general extra maturity of the lake environment. Pegs and paths are now complete (August) and we can now take bookings online for individual pegs, the last thing anyone wants at the moment is more queues! SO… it is with great pleasure to announce we are finally now open.

Further updates to follow…