The Lake

The Lake is 3.5 acres in size and has 12 pegs in total. Only 11 can be fished at one time. The Peg – ‘The Rush’ has a bonus peg so you will actually have a choice of two pegs.

 For Anglers wanting to fish together, three pegs are ‘double pegs’ which can be booked for 2 people, these pegs are peg 2 ‘Corn Crake’, peg 4 ‘The Rush’ and peg 5 ‘Stowaways’ only. They can also be booked for a single person if you want. All these pegs have extra large pitch areas (The Rush has 2 separate pitch areas).

1. The Bounty

Peg closest to the Car park.

This peg has a good purpose built curving high bank to protect you from any westerly winds behind. Lots of space.

Fishing – A Good Winter Peg, but will also draw fish in cooler spells in summer due to the depths. The angler has access to the deepest part of lake to left hand side (14ft), other features include an Island, a sunken island with Lily bed, and lots of margins some also with lilies. Generally deep water all over in front with 4ft ledges around the margins. Depths average 5ft – 9ft. The Bounty is a real deep-water peg, that is conveniently accessed easily.
Pitching area: approx. 4m x 3m

2. Corn Crake

Suitable for two anglers.

A double peg, fishable by a maximum of 2 people. More Land space than any other peg, very large area for the pitching of 2 Bivvies.

If you want to fish this peg with 2 people, make sure to select ‘2 guests’ when booking.

Features: Well protected from wind throughout most of the year. Corn Crake has a large central island to fish to plus large areas of water with a decent maximum depth of around 8ft. Interesting peg with long margins on either side. Casting area sticks out slightly making the margins very accessible. Some lilies are growing in various shallower spots too. Depths average 6ft. A convenient peg suitable for two people if required, popular at all times of year.
Pitching area: approx. 3.1m x 5.8m

3. Solstice

A commanding central peg, more than half surrounded by water.

Features: Large casting angle, Two Islands to fish to. Peg is positioned near to narrower central point of lake, (approximately 40m across). A good peg as fish traveling from large bodies of water across the lake are effectively channelled past this peg, potentially creating a good opportunity for extra bites at all times of the year. Depths vary a lot, but are generally around 5-6ft. There is an 8ft deep channel running along the opposite bank to this peg, joining the two islands up and continuing beyond both islands in both directions. This peg has extensive quite deep margins all around too. Solstice also has a reed bed to fish to on its right hand side.
Pitching area: approx. 3.05m x 3.05m

4. The Rush A or B

Suitable for 2 anglers.

This is the wild card of the pegs. The option of two pegs for the price of one?!- Very useful for combating prevailing weather or simply swapping for the fun of it half way through a 2 night session, highly recommended!

  • This peg has now been turned into a double peg! If you want to fish this peg with 2 people, make sure to select ‘2 guests’ when booking.
    Please look at the layout before booking this peg, if fishing with another angler you won’t be right next to each other. 

Features: Two Large islands close up with a narrow 8ft wide 6ft deep channel between, plus more margin fishing than you can shake a rod at! There is also a very small reedy pinnacle to fish to as an added fish draw.
Patches of water weed cover various areas here, creating challenges but the flip side is the area attracts a lot of feeding fish nosing around for natural food.
This peg is suited to close up action, features are close up, creating hectic challenges, you can even under cast to the nearest point on each island. The water is actually fairly deep averaging around 5.5ft in front of both pegs, so there is plenty of water.
Deepest water can be found to the left of the island from peg 4a, approximately 8ft.
There are lots of reeds and rushes established here too, attracting fish in year round. The water is usually well protected from the rest of the lakes weather conditions, forming a quiet and intense pair of pegs with lovely views of the lake and surrounding sheltered fields.
Pitching area 4a: approx. 3m x 2.9m
Pitching area 4b: approx. 3.1m x 3.1m

5. Stowaway

Suitable for 2 anglers.

If you want to fish this peg with 2 people, make sure to select ‘2 guests’ when booking.

The furthest peg, travelling anticlockwise from the car park, Stowaway is a cosy spot, off the path, tucked away in a dry hollow.

 Features: Large expanses of open water. To the right is a vast margin all for you. Straight out in front is a tiny island with a large island beyond. Over to the left is the end of a spit of rushes protruding out from the far bank on the opposite side, (this may be reachable but could depend on other anglers). Several reed beds are present to the left and right side of this peg, attracting fish year round.

The reeds to your right are surrounded by fairly deep water at 11ft in certain areas. This deep water extends up the right hand margin eventually shallowing up to 6ft half way between you and peg 6. A 6ft deep trench runs along the margins either side of your peg, being slightly shallower only directly in front. Further out beyond the small island the lake is fairly shallow at around 3.5- 4ft deep. Here some floating weed can grow in small patches throughout the summer. Plenty of space, and wonderful feeling of isolation, peg accessed by its own short path.
Pitching area: approx. 6.5m x 3.3m-4.3m (please check peg pictures for the shape of the area)

6. The Stage

Set your rods up on the stage and prepare yourself! This is the furthest peg traveling clockwise from the car park.

The peg itself is cut back into the bank creating a sweet spot for pitching a Bivy, with a nice view over your own nature pond, a real piece of paradise. 

Features: The area for setting up your rods is very large with plenty of space. This peg controls the largest area of water on the lake. There is an extensive margin to your left, with various reed beds and patches of lilies scattered throughout the central areas. The margins to the left are 6-7ft deep with a 4.5ft shelf approximately 6 ft wide. Further away up the lft hand margin the water becomes deeper, at mid way it begins to drop away to 8ft deep. There is a large central island to fish to also, this very often has weed growing infront. The water infront of the peg is around 6ft deep up until around half way between you and the island, it then shallows up to 4ft deep further out. Water to the right is very variable in depth (5-8ft deep) . The Stage is a very popular peg, also with nice views, especially through summer.
Pitching area: approx. 3.3m x 3.6m

7. Dream Weaver

A well sheltered peg. Bivy is protected from any westerly winds by a high bank and hedge. Plenty of space to fish from.

Features: Long margins in both directions, a large central island and a long thin stretch of rushes delving out into the lake with a deep channel up against it.

Generally depths are on average shallow for the lake at around 4ft deep over half way to the island, but around 6ft deep closer in. To the left hand corner, some 8ft water can be located. To the right the thin island of rushes hosts some deep water close to your bank, at around 6-7ft deep. There are also some lily beds in this area in the lake as it has the largest area of sheltered water on average, creating challenges and opportunities for those fishing. Nice views of the sunrise straight out in front and to your left your own large recently extended nature pond creates a fantastic setting for your stay. Dream Weaver can be a prolific peg under the right conditions.
Pitching area: approx. 4m x 4m

8. Heart Wood

A spacious peg, well sheltered from any westerly winds by a large bank and hedge. Bivy pitch itself is cut back into the bank for added protection.

Heart Wood forms an interesting peg with plenty of water and interesting depth changes.

Features:  Waterline rush peninsular to the left hand side sticks almost halfway out into the lake with a deep hole towards the bank you pitch on. Hole connects up to form the end of the deep 8-9ft trench connecting the car park end of the lake to here (running along just off the edge of this side of the lake).
Depths shallow up to around 5ft the closer you fish towards to the large island across the lake in front of you, as well as over to the left. Bank side margins are approximately 4ft deep and 4ft wide. An excellent all year round peg, where deeper water meets shallower water on a large scale.
Pitching area: approx. 3.2m x 4m

9. The Ninth

The Legion passed into Legend and probably passed here too.

The Ninth is an easy peg with varying depths and two obvious large feature islands to fish to. A good all round peg suitable for everyone.

Features: Two large islands to fish to and plenty of water, reed beds and various depths of water. Generally water is deeper towards the angler, shallowing up towards the islands further away. Lake narrows slightly towards the right hand side helping to channel fish moving from one end of the lake to another. Reed beds on the far bank can be usually fished if other anglers are considered.

A peg suited to novices but with plenty of challenges for the more seasoned angler too. Wind will affect the fishing here, although the bivy pitch itself is cut back into the bank for some decent protection from the elements. One of the most central pegs on the lake, right in the thick of it but with lots of space between pegs either side. Popular in autumn and summer.
Pitching area: approx. 3.5m x 3.4m

10. Horizon

A south facing peg fairly close to the car park and amenities, Horizon is a conveniently placed peg to help new anglers get a feel for the lake. 

Features: The area of water in front of this peg is slightly smaller than other pegs but generally quite deep, averaging about 6ft. There is a large central island to fish to and a very small central island over to your left. There are also lily pads in the edge closest to you taking advantage, as fish would of the warmth and light associated with summer. Horizon is also well defended from North and East winds making it, along with its deep water, a good winter peg too!
Pitching area: approx. 3.1m x 3.1m

11. Top Fin

This is the first peg heading left from the car park. Well sheltered from any North and East winds, the Bivy Pitch itself is cut back into the bank and the fishing platform juts out into the lake. Peg is close to the Car park and toilets etc.

Features: Lots of deep water averaging 7-8ft all over in front, plumbing or depth location devices will bring a real advantage here. This peg also has access to the deepest water in the lake, over to the right hand side (14ft).

There are good wide margins either side with lily pads growing, creating some really interesting fishing with steep drop offs. Very Highly recommended peg in Spring and Winter when cold easterly winds can push many fish here in front of this peg from the rest of the lake.

Top Fin has a hidden sunken lily island to fish to, as well as a big central island covered in large ornamental grasses. Open water is generally deep.

A very good winter and spring fishing peg that can produce fish all year round.
Pitching area: approx. 3.1m x 3.1m