Peg 05: Stowaway

Suitable for 2 anglers.

Please select 1 or 2 people correctly when booking.

The furthest peg, travelling anticlockwise from the car park, Stowaway is a cosy spot, off the path, tucked away in a dry hollow.


Large expanses of open water. To the right is a vast margin all for you. Straight out in front is a tiny island with a large island beyond. Over to the left is the end of a spit of rushes protruding out from the far bank on the opposite side, (this may be reachable but could depend on other anglers). Several reed beds are present to the left and right side of this peg, attracting fish year round.

The reeds to your right are surrounded by fairly deep water at 11ft in certain areas. This deep water extends up the right hand margin eventually shallowing up to 6ft half way between you and peg 6. A 6ft deep trench runs along the margins either side of your peg, being slightly shallower only directly in front. Further out beyond the small island the lake is fairly shallow at around 3.5- 4ft deep. Here some floating weed can grow in small patches throughout the summer. Plenty of space, and wonderful feeling of isolation, peg accessed by its own short path.
Pitching area: approx. 6.5m x 3.3m-4.3m (please check peg pictures for the shape of the area)


Prices start at: £55 per night


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