The Fish


As we are brand new your catch pictures are currently very welcome for this page!


The lake is stocked with around 120 brand new double figure carp, to 32lb. Various strains have been selected for big variety of scale patterns and fish shapes. They have been carefully selected from various fish farms around the country. The strains include Leney Dink, Sutton Dink, pure Croatian and Emperor. All strains contained beautiful commons and there is even a red carp courtesy of Lana Springs breeding programme in Devon. All our fish were selected to achieve medium to fast growth rates, to allow big fish to grow here but without compromising their health.

 There are fully scaled ‘pineapples’, partly scaled ‘Star Bursts’, chunky leaning on ‘Dinkensbhul’ strain and lengthy linears. You really won’t not know what you will hook into! And that’s just the carp…

Wels Catfish

To keep the balance of the lake in order, wels catfish ‘Silurus glanis’ are present. Wels catfish are awesome predators growing to an enormous size even here, up north. 7 fish were originally added ranging from 24 – 35lb. In April 2023 4 more were added (between 43-46lb). These fish are English bred but originally the species hailed from Eastern Europe and beyond. It is now common in western Europe and is steadily growing in popularity in the UK in enclosed specimen coarse fisheries.

  The cats in Legends are extremely powerful fish and will give any angler a serious run for their money. Extra strong tackle is recommended if these inhabitants are to be targeted. 

This stunning new 31lb common carp has been added to the lake in October 2020.

What has been caught?

New Catfish record

45lb caught by Josh Lidford. Picture coming soon..

Previous record: 31.6lb Caught by Frances Jobling on peg 9, May 2021


‘El Loco’
24.4lb Caught and named by Ryann Hodgson on peg 5, May 2021


‘Katelyn’s Common’
32lb Caught and named by Craig Perry on peg 9, May 2021


20lb Caught and named by Brooklyn Burton on peg 2, April 2021


The first catfish caught on Legends Lake.
25.12lb Caught by Lee Crabtree on peg 1, April 2021


‘The Lady
24.10lb Caught and named by Martyn Dixon on peg 10, November 2020


‘The Peach’
22.7lb Caught and named by Micky Duggan on Peg 8 on opening weekend


‘The Lump’
21lb Caught and named by James Dobson on peg 9, October 2020.


If the lake is popular, heavy reinvestment WILL take place for further larger specimen carp. Also as added interest, ghost carp are being planned and grass carp will be added to control waterweed too.

Further details on these will be added in the near future.

The guys from Fresh Fishing also did 2 brilliant Youtube videos on Legends Lake, definitely worth a watch!

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