Before booking and fishing Legends please read and obey the following bylaws. Failure to do so will result in removal and a permanent ban from the site via verbal means and then automatic written email confirmation. Unfortunately we are not joking here, our fish are highly valued and we hope you understand they need taking care of. The rule list is the only thing that directly helps management keep the fish healthy on a daily basis.

  Bailiffs WILL check rigs on a regular basis to enforce the lakes rule list. Please adhere to the rules to avoid any unnecessary problems during your stay. Like wise if you see any behaviour that is against the rules or any suspicious activity, please inform management and it will be dealt with totally discreetly.

Our booking system does not allow us to process refunds, so make sure you also read the Terms & Conditions before booking.

Rule List

  • No visitors beyond the car park– For viewings, please email for an appointment.
  • No under 16’s
    Unless they are on a double peg, under constant supervision by an adult (in this case both the adult and under 16 will be charged, so make sure to book the peg for 2 people)
    For anglers under the age of 25, you need to be able to show acceptable ID when fishing.
  • No guests.
    The only exception: Anglers are permitted one non fishing 6-11yr old at no cost, but they must state this IN EMAIL at least 24 hours before arrival, for insurance purposes. The Angler is fully responsible for the wellbeing and safety of the non-fishing child whilst on site. Please remember your vehicles are locked in on a night, so have a friend or family member on standby to pick up a child under problematic unforeseen circumstances from the main road entrance.
  • The booking system is usually used for hotels etc, so uses the word guests (instead of people). When booking a double peg for only yourself (so a single angler) please select the option “1 guest”. If you are fishing with someone else, please select “2 guests”. When it asks you for the “guests name”, please just fill in your name.
  • Fishing starts after 10am until 9am the next morning.
    Changeover is at 9.30 am, so you have 30min before and after this time to set up/pack up.
    New arrivals are allowed through the gates at 9.30am and people leaving on the morning need to be out the gate by 9.30am. The car park is not big enough for 2 sets of cars so please don’t arrive early/leave late.
    You are obviously more than welcome to start later than 10am, as long as you are here before we lock the gates in the evening!
  • The gates are locked between 8pm-7am (April-September) and locked between dusk – 8am (October-March). If arriving after dusk during these months, please contact us beforehand to inform us of your arrival time.
  • Dip unhooking mats, nets, cradles and slings on arrival to prevent disease, please remember the area where the dip tank is located is controlled under CCTV, it is an extremely important procedure prior to fishing.
  • Keep otter gate closed at all times when not in use. (For obvious reasons!)
  • No dogs
  • No bike riding
  • No fires
  • No damaging, picking, cutting of any vegetation, trees, plants, reeds, flowers, weeds, lilies in anyway. Please try to stick to paths if possible. Please leave the nature alone. This is very important, it is real pet hate of the owners and a swift ban will follow such damage no matter how small.
  • No interfering with the electric otter fence or locked gates.
  • BBQs are allowed, please use on specified BBQ area next to bivy pitch, do not place on any other area, this could cause criminal damages. Take extra care when dark not to burn any surfaces. Old BBQs can be left next to the bins near the car park for disposal.
  • No shouting, loud voices or radios, loud electronic devices.
  • Alcohol to be consumed in moderation, this is a professional and modern specimen carp lake, other anglers must be considered at all times of day and night.
  • Do not leave rods unattended, stay within 20 meters of them.
  • Fishing from designated pegs only and not from in between pegs.
  • Please respect other anglers swims, especially those that were there before you, please ask them if unsure, and be courteous to anglers that ask you, please do not shout across the site.
  • Please return fish as quickly as possible to the water. Be prepared with cameras, weighing equipment etc before you land a fish; remember they cannot breath out of the water.
  • Absolutely no standing whilst holding fish in hands.
  • Please treat all hook holes and also any other visible damage to a caught fish with a carp care kit.
  • Please wet unhooking mats, cradles, weigh slings before placing a fish on/in them, especially in sunny weather. Have a container of cool water under shade, ready to wet such items before placing a fish on/in them.
  • Please keep your bite alarm volumes as low as possible at all times to avoid disturbing others, turn right down whilst adjusting lines, clips etc


Obviously NO LITTERING, it is THE scourge of this country and fisheries are no exception. More than 50% of the day ticket prices on the neighbouring Carrs Angling Lakes is used solely to pay for time picking up litter around those lakes. We would like to keep the price on Legends as affordable as possible for you, we can do this only if you remove all litter.

  • This includes cigarette ends. You WILL be evicted for throwing cigarette ends. This includes the car park and drive way. Bring a container with you to put them in. If we find them hidden in vegetation near your peg after you leave we will email you with a permanent ban.
  • All litter to be recycled in bins near the car park.
  • Please inform staff of any snags in the lake, so line can be removed, we can do this when you leave if you prefer not to disturb your swims.
  • Please be extra careful with litter in any windy conditions as it can end up in the surrounding fields where livestock and other life will be harmed.
  • Please recycle all glass, metal cans and cardboard in labelled bins in the car park.
  • Old bait can be placed in the appropriate separate bin.
  • Please do not leave bait on the bank anywhere; especially when you leave, it attracts rats. Try to tidy up any spillages as best you can. Thank you.

Bait Bans

  • No nuts of any kind loose or as a hook bait.
  • No floating bread, loose or as a hook bait.
  • No fake baits.
  • No live baits (with the exception of maggots/worms).
  • No excessive use of ground bait and no cheap ground bait. The latter is extremely polluting to the fish and contains very little nutrients for specimen carp anyway.

Seasonal Bait Bans

  • No high oil pellets/other high oil baits in December, January, February and March. The carp cannot process the oil content in low water temperatures and there is a high chance it can make them very ill and can even kill them.

Fishing Equipment Requirements

  • Maximum of 2 rods per angler, please be considerate when fishing a double peg. Please consider and ask other anglers on your/their arrival.
  • A correct E.A. Rod license to cover your desired number of rods to fish with.
  • Rods must have a minimum breaking strain of 2.5lb.
  • No poles.
  • No bank sticks. Rod Pods only. (Bank sticks cause damage and erosion).
  • Unhooking Mat. No fishing without a large unhooking mat or cradle at least 36 inches long, crib sides are preferred. Minimum 50mm of padding under mats.
  • Angler must have minimum 36” wide landing net. Do not start fishing without this size net assembled.
  • Anglers must have access to use of a carp care kit; these can be purchased from the tackle shop before fishing if you are stuck.
  • No fixed Leads. Free running leads only. DO NOT use anything fixed that could snag a loose fish.
  • Barbless hooks ONLY, no micro-barbs.
  • Minimum 15lb Line (0.35mm) for mainlines and hook links.
  • No uncoated braided hook lengths/leaders, no removal of braid coating. Coated braid only. 
  • No braided mainlines for fishing.
  • No treble hooks
  • No wire traces
  • Angler must be in possession of an appropriate disgorger or unhooking forceps, ideally both.
  • Bivies and carp fishing umbrellas only, no tents unless dark green in colour.
  • Bait boats and fish finders are allowed.

  If you do not understand any of the above rules or want to know the reasons behind any of the them please ask before booking to avoid any problem between the fishery and yourself during your stay.

 If you are missing any of the essential items, the onsite tackle shop should be able to provide you with them, before you start fishing. Needless to say, ignorance is not an excuse and evictees are definitely not refunded.