Peg 06: The Stage

Set your rods up on the stage and prepare yourself! This is the furthest peg traveling clockwise from the car park.

The peg itself is cut back into the bank creating a sweet spot for pitching a Bivy, with a nice view over your own nature pond, a real piece of paradise.

The area for setting up your rods is very large with plenty of space. This peg controls the largest area of water on the lake. There is an extensive margin to your left, with various reed beds and patches of lilies scattered throughout the central areas. The margins to the left are 6-7ft deep with a 4.5ft shelf approximately 6 ft wide. Further away up the lft hand margin the water becomes deeper, at mid way it begins to drop away to 8ft deep. There is a large central island to fish to also, this very often has weed growing infront. The water infront of the peg is around 6ft deep up until around half way between you and the island, it then shallows up to 4ft deep further out. Water to the right is very variable in depth (5-8ft deep). The Stage is a very popular peg, also with nice views, especially through summer.
Pitching area: approx. 3.3m x 3.6m


  • Guests: 1

Prices start at: £30 per night


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